• 4th Canadian Acro Intensive Event

A full week of Acro playing, training and creating in Vancouver, Canada. If you've been craving an immersive Acrobatic experience blending European and North American Acro traditions, this is the event for you! Danya Xena and Ellio Blox, both full time Partner Acrobatic Instructors with a wide range of International Acro experience.  This teaching team is sure to make your practice more easeful, fun and dynamic!

We will practice a large variety of skills including: L-basing, handstand and hand to hands, trio and group work, popping, icarian and of course standing Acrobatics. This event is not to be missed!



Super Early Bird $650 (First 6 to register)

Early Bird $750 (Next 10 to register)

Late Bird $850 (Next 16 to register)

Regular Price $1000


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2020 Canadian Acro Intensive - Vancouver -15-21 Aug

  • ** There are no refunds. To get rid of your ticket, you have two options 1) transfer or sell to another qualifying participant who meets the prerequisites. *Note that this transfer must be approved by the organizers so as to maintain an appropriate base/flyer ratio at the event. 2) transfer to a future Canadian Acro Intensive.