*All prerequisites may be spotted (we encourage it!)

**Get in touch with us if you need help/direction with positions, grips, spotting etc.


  • H2H - jump from 2 high - comfortable and confident making attempts

  • F2H - any entrance - 10 seconds (feel free to use a second base to post into it)

  • High Bird - 5 seconds

  • Camel


  • Handstand - 1 minute  (with spotter or against wall)


  • H2H - any entrance, low or extended - 5 seconds

  • Free star - 10 seconds

  • Tempo Popping Barrel Roll  


  • R Star to Throne (popping towards the flyers back)

  • Stretch Jump (throne to throne)


  • A good attitude: listen well, open to feedback and trying different techniques, ability and desire to 'play nice with others', an honest embrace of identity diversity.


  • The desire to practice acrobatics safely and learn the art of spotting

Pre-Requisite Video

To be accepted into the Canadian Acro Intensive, all applicants must submit a prerequisite video. We are committed to upholding the integrity of the skill level taught and of the safety of everyone at the training. This video must include ALL of the ‘technical’ prerequisite skills listed. This video does NOT need to be high quality, have music, or be anything besides a decent attempt at each of the listed skills (it doesn’t have to be perfect!). We’re excited to see how you move!


Email a link to (If you have sent us a video in a previous year we do not need another one).  The video deadline is 1 month before the training i.e. 15 July 2020.


Please be sure to get professional instruction on the skills in this video before attempting. Use spotters where needed. If you need instruction/assistance, or to request an extension on the video submission, please be in touch.

  • 4th Canadian Acro Intensive Event