Event Ticket Overview

Read Fully before ticket purchase 


We are adding options to the ways that you can pay for the Canadian Acro Intensive this year.

We want to reward participant that are keen and sign up early and also make this option more accessible to everyone. This will make our ticketing more complicated - but we believe that the increase in financial accessibility makes that worth while.  

PLEASE READ THIS OUTLINE fully before purchasing your ticket to ensure you get the best and most accurate option  - VIP and CREW discounts CAN NOT BE APPLIED RETROACTIVELY - so do it right the first time :)   


See below the outline for VIP, CREW, and PAYMENT PLAN ticketing options.  Check out the DISCOUNT AND TICKET OVERVIEW table to see how the discounts will effect the different tiers of tickets. See the COUPON OVERVIEW table for all list of applicable coupons.


VIP = 15% Off

As in all previous years, if you have attended a previous Canadian Acro Intensive you are considered a VIP and we want you to come back!  You can get 15% off by using the code VIP2020 (if you are signing up with a crew be sure to use a code that reflects that - see the coupon code overview for all available options.)


Crew = 10%

It can be very beneficial to your physical training and overall well being to come to an extended event like this with a crew of people that you plan to train with (at least some of the time).  

If you sign up with a crew of 4 you quality for an additional 10% off. 

IMPORTANT! Crew Code CANNOT be applied retroactively.  To qualify for this discount you NEED to email CanadianAcroIntensive@gmail.com with your crew names BEFORE you purchase your ticket.  (If someone in the crew doesn’t make it to the event after having secured their ticket, they can transfer their ticket to someone else (base/flyer ratios may factor into this if the transfer happens closer to the event) - PLEASE NOTE: if you don’t have 4 people in the crew by the time of the event you no longer quality for the discount and will be expected to pay the difference).



We have always accepted payment plans for this event, but previously they were settled in private messages behind the scenes.  To increase accessibility we have added a payment plan option to the ticket options.  You can access a payment plan via the relevant coupon codes.  The payment plan option is available to everyone.


When you use one of the Payment Plan coupons it will automatically drop the price of your ticket to $200.  This is to be a considered a downpayment.  Your ticket price will relate to which ticket tier you purchased your ticket at (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Late Bird, or Regular) - which are automated on a first to pay first to get bases via our website: www.canadianacrointensive.com AND which ever coupon code you apply at the time of purchase.  See the table PAYMENT PLAN BALANCE OWING to see how much you will owe after your initial $200 deposit.


When you use the payment plan option it is your responsibility to get in touch with us via email canadianacrointensive@gmail.com outlining the timeline for your full ticket - to be completed before the event starts August 15 2020.


For eTransfers please first register secure your ticket through the website www.CanadianAcroIntensive.com. (Event Registration, Event Tickets)
• Click the ticket option that is available (if it is greyed out those tickets are already sold out, click 'add to cart', then 'view cart', add relevant discount codes to the 'Enter a promo code' click 'apply'
• Click 'Checkout'
• Enter your details
• When you get to the 'Payment Method', click 'Manual'.
• eTransfer the relevant amount to CanadianAcroIntensive@gmail.com


** There are no refunds. To get rid of your ticket, you have two options 1) transfer or sell to another qualifying participant who meets the prerequisites. *Note that this transfer must be approved by the organizers so as to maintain an appropriate base/flyer ratio at the event. 2) transfer to a future Canadian Acro Intensive.


Familiarize yourself with the full list of pre-requisites for this event and required video.   


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